Tuesday, March 10, 2009


So, this is my first official blog...I am not really sure why I am starting one. Maybe it is because my sister-in-law has one and I read it all the time..and I love it. Just recently I read my brother's blog for the first time and was blown away with his verbage(did I even spell that right?) I don't think we come from the same tree. :) He has an amazing way with words and I can't wait to see the book he writes someday.
Maybe it is my attempt at being more of a whole individual. I have thoughts swirling in my head all the time that never leave the comfort of my brain. Sometimes I think I may burst...actually I think I do, just not through words. I lose my temper. I become closed in and quiet. No, not a typical "burst" but a burst nonetheless.
I love how my sister-in-law, Joy, tells stories about my niece. The make me laugh so much! Not only that, but she has the stories written to remember forever...and my stories are beginning to be lost. So, this is my attempt at that.
Last night we were watching Madagasgar 2 together as a family. Now, in this movie, for thouse of you who haven't seen it, there is a seen between Gloria the hippo and a male hippo named Moto Moto. He begins to sing her a song that goes like this... "I like em' round. I like em' chunky! I like em' big with some'in some'in!" Nathan is a huge fan of this song and does quite a nice impression. Today while we were watching Nathan wait for the bus, my daughter, Raegan, opened the front door and yelled out at her brother, "I like em' bacon! I like em' chunky!" and promptly shut the door. Then as we watched out the window, we see him begin to dance. So cute!!

Another story I need to get in writing before I forget.. One day as I was getting ready to do Raegan's hair, I asked her if I could put 2 pony tails in. She said "No mommy. I only want one pony." I sat there quietly for a moment and then interjected, "But Raegan, you would look so much prettier with two ponies!" She looked up and me and said "Mommy, if you argue with me I won't let you put any ponies in my hair!" She said it with such an air of mommyhood :) It took everything in me to correct her instead of laugh!

Well, I better go. It is getting late. Bye for now and enjoy your piece!

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  1. Yay! I am SO happy you have a blog! Can't wait to keep up on your lives in more detail!! :-)