Saturday, March 28, 2009

Birthday Cake!

Today is the day my first sibling was born! Ryan Dean baby brother. So I dedicate this blog to him,

An ode to Ryan

31 Reasons I love my brother Ryan...

1. He is my brother

2. Because we made a news show together on tape

3. He does the No Bones dance like no one I know!

4. He is a wonderful husband to his wife

5. He is an awesome father to his daughter

6. He knew where he wanted to live out his life and moved there.

7. He went to college.

8. He inspires me to be better

9. He makes me think about things

10. He has tea parties with his daughter (I have seen pictures)

11. He still loves G I Joe

12. He is a funny guy!

13. He makes an awesome Chicken Marsala!

14. He is still friends with his friends in highschool (amazing!)

15. He loves the simple things in life!

16. I love that I was the first to show how much I love him today :) (haha Rhonda)

17. He loves God...deeply.

18. He is a true superhero fan

19. Whether he realizes it or not, he is a superhero to some :)

20. He is opinionated

21. Because he believes me when I say the cantaloupe makes my throat itch

22. He is ALWAYS right.

23. One day he will be famous

24. He is a hard worker..even though Panera is not his final resting place.

25. He used to have hair that stuck up like woodstock

26. He survived brain surgery and has the scar to prove it

27. To me he resembles strong, quiet assurance

28. He is highly intelligent

29. Not really :) (just are )

30. Years ago he sat and listened to me share difficult experiences I have had in my life and didn't do anything..except listen :)

31. And finally because one day I believe with all my heart he will be an author, because my brother has the most amazing talent in using the written word, and I (besides his wife) will be his biggest fan!!


You amaze me in ways you probably don't realize.
After living with you for 16 years, I think I am
Now beginning to know you..the real you.

I love you so much...Happy Birthday!!
Love, Your Big little sister


  1. Thank you so much, Gwen. This really means a lot to me. However, in the spirit of ALWAYS being right, I do have to say that I make chicken picatta, not marsala :) Seriously though, as awesome as I am, I'm only that way partially because of having a great big sister like you, who obviously loves me more this year than Rhonda :)

  2. That's really sweet, Gwen. I did not know about the news show....I will need to see this....