Saturday, May 9, 2009

Missing Cake

I have been absent for a while, haven't I? I think about writing all the time..but to many other things to do!
So here I am , found again :) Easter came and went. It goes by so fast for us. There is always something at church. I went on our Youth Convention trip Easter weekend. I have done it for 5 years, but this was my last. I realized I am not cut out for it anymore :) I was able to get Nathan a new suit while I was out of town. Boy, was he excited!! Isn't he handsome!

But let us not forget Raegan and Kaleb too :)

they especially enjoyed the candy from the Easter bunny and the Easter pig :)

And now here we are in May already. Baseball season has begun for both boys. we have games or practices at least 3x a week or more :) whew! Kaleb is getting ready to go into Middle School. (that is just weird!!!) Nathan is finishing up 1st grade. Raegan is learning so much!! She can write her own name and she knows most of the letters in the alphabet now. Strangers are constantly dumbstruck with Raegan :)

Yesterday we were at Panera, eating lunch and I took Raegan to the bathroom. There was a lady in there who said to Raegan, "Oh, my what beautiful jammies you have on." To which Raegan replied, "These aren't jammies. I know they look like pj's but there not. They look like pj's but there not." So funny! Here is the outfit in question...

SO many things are in my head, I don't even know what to write.
Tomorrow is mother's day. I love being a mother, but can I say..there are things that life does not prepare you for as a mother :) Aging boys, opinionated girls, the need for reassurance, endless cuddles and kisses. Stories to be read EVERY night, messes that never end. Sometimes I really don't know where Gwen beings and Mommy ends. Maybe that is how it should be?
I love my little ones... the bring me joy unspeakable and at times worry unshakable but they are mine and I am truly blessed.


  1. CUTE pics of the kids. They have all grown up so much since we saw them! Hard to believe it's been six months.

    Happy Mother's Day. You are a wonderful mom! You deserve to be celebrated and pampered excessively. :-)

  2. What is it about being a parent that makes you wish you were so much wiser but it's a good thing it makes us go to the KING more !!Awesome writeing keep it up mom Della