Thursday, April 16, 2009

Girl Cake

I thought today I would tell you about a conversation I had with Raegan recently. It involves private parts, so the faint of heart should stop reading now :)

One day I was getting dressed and Raegan came in my room. Privacy is a privilege I lost when I had my first baby. Anyway, as I was getting dressed
she said "Mommy what are those?" (pointing to my chest)
I said, "Those are breasts."
Noticing she had a face on that said I can't say that word, I said, "They are boobies."
"Oh.."she said. " I don't have boobies, (lifting up her shirt) I have ribs."
I said " Well I have ribs too, they are just under my boobies."
"Oh, yeah, my boobies are under my ribs."
"No, honey, you don't have boobies yet, you won't get them till you are older."
"Oh...yeah, when I am bigger then I will have boobies!" (big smile on her face.)

It is so funny to see the differences between boys and girls. Raegan can't wait to look like me...wear a bra. I told her when she starts to have boobies that I will take her shopping and we will find her a bra. By her reaction you would have thought I was going to buy her a brand new toy! It is so cute!

I love my daughter so much, however I do not wish on her my boobies! Hopefully she will not take after me in that department


  1. Cute story and cute picture! Raegan is such a cutie.

    One of Ryley's friends got a bra for her birthday, and Ryley came home from the party all decided that she needs one too. No!!!!!! :-)