Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Advancement Cake :)

Well, last night was Kaleb's 5th grade advancement ceremony. He is officially a 6th grader now! I still can't believe it. I still remember the little boy who dumped powdered donuts on my green carpet and then offered one to me. Look at him now...

He is starting to try and break away from the parental unit..although at times I can tell he doesn't want to. The pull from nature is something he can't fight :) He has finally been allowed to grow his hair out. He has begged us for this for a few years. Although dad still doesn't really like it...I do :) I think he looks very cute! In the pictures, he is in definite need of a haircut (very poofy), but I like it longer. I have always known Kaleb to love acting and singing. He has been in Christmas plays since he was 4, I guess I just never realized he actually is pretty good. He was in a musical his 5th grade class put on called The Wild West. He played several roles, but his favorite was Thomas Jefferson. The teachers continue to go on and on about how good he did. Even last night, I had his 4th grade teacher come up to me and say how he and another boy brought her to tears, they were so good. That makes me a PROUD mama. I hope he get involves in drama in 6th...he said he really wants to.
For finishing elementary school, I wanted to get him a gift, but I just didn't know what. It couldn't be really big..but something to say we are proud of him. My husband came up with a great idea. We got him a a gold chain, with the number one on it ( His baseball and basketball number were 1) He really liked it!

On a side note..getting ready for the ceremony last night, Raegan decided she would do something extra special to get ready..she would cut her hair! The funny thing is I never noticed, until I went to her room to help her get dressed. I opened the door and there on the floor was a pair of scissors and lots of beautiful golden hair!

I looked at her and said, "What did you do?!" She immediately broke into tears and said, "I am sorry mama!" I hugged her, trying to calm her down. Then I asked her, "Why did you do it?" Her response was, "I wanted to look pretty for Kaleb's graduation!" Kaleb heard us and came in. When we heard her say this he gathered her in his arms, trying to tell her it was OK and she was very pretty. So here is a close up of the "hack" job :) Truthfully you can't really tell all that much..maybe should do it for a living :)

All in all it was a good night. I am so proud of Kaleb! I am blessed to be his mom :)

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  1. And I am a proud Daddy! Kaleb is growing so fast and thankfully is becoming a great young man! Nice job gorgeous:) You are such a great mother and wife!!!